Change of price at Bredbandsbolaget

Published: Jan 16 2018

We have received information from our tenants that Bredbandsbolaget has increased the cost of its services. When we contacted Bredbandsbolaget we got it confirmed. We provide 0.5 mBit / sec through the rent but agreements at higher speeds are individual and nothing we can influence unfortunately. If you have any [...]

Valve change, heating will be affected.

Published: Jan 16 2018

Due to a valve change in the basement, the heating will be affected at the following addresses and times. Torngatan 6 & 8 Tisdagen 16/1 07:00-18:00 Källargtan 28 A-D Tisdagen 16/1 07:00-18:00 Torngatan 12 A-B Ondagen 17/1 07:00-18:00 Torngatan 10 A-C Torsdagen 18/1 07:00-18:00

Good continuation on the New Year !

Published: Jan 9 2018

In January, many people have desire to clean and tidy up, do not forget that you can donate things that are functional and clean to our Give & Take on Östergatan 6 B. Maybe you find something new to take home while you are there. The door is open 24 [...]

Christmas and New Year

Published: Dec 22 2017

Now Christmas and New Year are approaching and with that little extra holiday for many people. Here you will find us if something urgent happens during the holidays. Urgent 0470-468 51 for emergency reports that are urgent. Locked out 0476-554 20. During call time 010-470 51 84 (Securitas) Disturbance case [...]

Change of white goods in neighbourhood Markus

Published: Nov 28 2017

Between December 4th and December 12th we will replace the white goods in neighbourhood Markus. Schedule over when the change is made has been distributed.

Be part of and influence your future home!

Published: Oct 13 2017

ÄLMHULT + PIZZA + HOUSE OF YOUR DREAMS + FREE CINEMA = TRUE Do you want to be a part in the decisions made in Älmhult? Do you dream about living in your own apartment? Or maybe a house? Do you like pizza and cinema? Come to Folkets Hus next [...]

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