Build new dwellings, but sell too!

A municipal housing company like Älmhultsbostäder has to both invest in new dwellings and decide to sell existing dwellings. When we build new dwellings, more people are given the chance to move into a dwelling in Älmhult. When we sell a dwelling, it remains in Älmhult. There is a new property owner. New homes in Kvarnen quarter Most of the people on our housing waiting list want a small dwelling, preferably in the centre of Älmhult. In Kvarnen quarter, between Hantverksgatan and Eriksgatan, we

Älmhult’s profile is unique

As usual, the conversation covers a number of subjects. Roland is bubbling with energy. There is much to talk about in terms of what has happened and is happening in Älmhult Municipality. Perhaps not so much about the present but all the more about the future. However, it is important to mention one look back at when the municipality seriously began investing in new homes and local infrastructure a few years ago. A number of years later, the town is now reaping the benefits. It is the growth mun

Älmhult residents with perspective. And views

Our meeting is arranged. Tore described Tomas in brief as a man with opinions. It feels like a murky autumn late afternoon, although it is only midday. Right after lunch. We take the lift and reach a bright floor with three doors. To three different dwellings. The property is well-known. The previous owner lived opposite Eivor and Tomas. He sold it to ÄBO and stayed on. One of the town's two newspaper offices is at street level. The first thing I notice are three old forged keys on the wall of t

Trainee as deputy property manager

ÄBO is in the midst of one of its more intensive periods ever. The ground has been broken for two new property projects – a total of 126 dwellings. Property Manager Magnus Johnsson is given the necessary support by Samuel Lideberg, a chap from Diö who chose the construction industry.

Rent for parking spaces

All Älmhult residents know that parking is a bit like the wild west in town. There are usually spaces, and few of them are reserved. There are 800 spaces for ÄBO's tenants. As things stand, these are used randomly by many people other than just our tenants. And our parking spaces are part of our property portfolio. They also need to be maintained and inspected. Securitas and others keep an eye out to ensure that wrecked cars are not left long-term in parking spaces. Basically, they cost money. C

ÄBO densifies housing

As you can read in the article about municipal director Roland Eiman, Älmhult is growing. New housing is needed. Following the sale of 197 dwellings, ÄBO has the opportunity to build another 126 new ones. Other property companies and developers are highly likely to expand their portfolios as well, or entirely new companies may take the opportunity to make long-term investments in the 'growth municipality of the year'. In Haganäs 3 quarter, we are creating 78 dwellings (one, two and three rooms p

Give & Take

ÄBO is opening a 24-hour freecycle centre in the basement at Östergatan 6B. You can bring along anything you would otherwise have thrown out. Items must be intact and clean. If you find anything you want, you can take it with you. 'Give & Take' = the best way to recycle.


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