Our sustainability work

Klimatinitiativet_symbolen.jpgSustainability will permeate everything that the public is doing. Ecological sustainability means that the environmental impact of construction and housing is minimized. Economic sustainability that the business economy is characterized by long-term, resource efficiency and recycling. Social sustainability that the company works for people to live a good life and to keep society together. The three sustainability dimensions are woven together to a whole in a long-term perspective.


We work towards meeting as many criteria as possible in sustainability. Examples of investments / maintenance we have done and make recently are:

* Replace luminaires and light bulbs for energy saving both indoors and outdoors in older blocks. In new blocks this is included in our ÄBO standard, where durability is characterized throughout the entire document.

* We install installers in all apartments to get a grip on the temperature in the apartments. A high energy consumption is negative climate impact.

* In all our new construction / renovation, water meters are installed.

* We test with a smoke free habitat in our latest project, Block Kvarnen.

* We drive electric cars and use bicycles as much as possible, even electric bicycles.

* The material we trade is carefully chosen.

* We work towards a paper-free society. Among other things, we would like to use e-signature on contract writing and will shortly not send out any paper invoice.



Public Climate Climate Initiative

Since the end of November 2018 we are working with the Allmännyttan climate initiative, a joint call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is that the public housing companies should be fossil-free by 2030 and that energy consumption will be reduced by 30 percent.


Why a climate initiative?
Climate change is a real threat to future generations' ability to live on our planet. Therefore, the world's countries have agreed in a climate agreement (Paris Agreement) that global warming should be well below 2 degrees. In Sweden this means that by 2045 we will not have any greenhouse gas emissions.

We in the public sector have an important role in Sweden's climate integration and want to take responsibility and go ahead through the climate initiative - in collaboration with each other and with other actors.



We support the Nature & Environment Book

We support the publication of the Nature & Environment Book, a third-grade series of lessons, distributed free of charge to students in grades 4-6. It is a collaboration between municipalities, companies and organizations.


The purpose of Nature and the Environment Book is to provide emerging generations with good natural and environmental skills and thus create the conditions for a better future environment.


The Nature & Environmental Book is published by the Swedish Knowledge Agency and aims to establish an early generation of knowledge and awareness for the next generation of adults. The goal is for all the country's students between the ages of 10 and 12 to get a book and the vision is to provide environmental education for the world's children.


You can read more about Nature & Environmental Booklet at: www.kunskapsforlaget.se.

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