Sponsorship is a voluntary business partnership between two or more parties in which one party (the sponsor) undertakes to pay cash or supply goods or services based on receipt of specific considerations from the other party (the sponsored party), for example display of the sponsor's logo, company name and/or services. Sponsorship is a business partnership for the mutual benefit of the parties.


Purpose and objectives

For Älmhultsbostäder, sponsorship must be a strategic tool to create well-being and security in our residential areas and to enhance the ÄBO brand. Our partnerships must also contribute to the growth of Älmhult Municipality by making Älmhult a more attractive municipality in which to live.

ÄBO is also keen to add value for our tenants to enhance our tenants' social and cultural lives and thus help retain tenants to a greater extent and attract new tenants.


Read the full policy here


All applications for sponsorship must be made using the 'sponsorship application' form.


Download the application form


The application must be submitted no later than 30 September.

Älmhultsbostäder AB

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URGENT: 0470 - 468 51


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Visiting hours

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Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we urge you to contact us by phone, email or booked visits.




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