To find apartment
I want to queue for a home, how do I do?

You make your registration on our website www.almhultsbostader.se, enter "avalable/register". Fill in all the details and when you have finished, you have started saving points, you get one point per day.. It's important that you update your profile at least once every thrird month to keep your points and place in the queue. You can registrer from the age of 16 years.

How do I search for an apartmen that I find intersting?

To apply for an apartment, you must first register on our website. If you log in with your personal number and password on My Pages, you will see in the "Bobutik" which apartments are available and for which you can make an interest report. You may make interest at three apartment at a time.



How many points do you have to have to look for an apartment?

This is determined entirely based on supply and demand of exactly what you showed interest in and can not be answered in a number of points. This is due on how many points other applicants have when they reported interest in the same apartment.

How do I respond to an apartment offer?

Once you've been looking at the apartment and heve decided if you want it or not , you answer yes or no, either through  My Pages, or if you give us a call at 0476-554 20. The important thing is that you give a response (yes or no) otherwise you will miss your points.

Will I automatically be offered vacant apartments?

No, you will never be offered an apartment that you have not searched for yourself. You can subscribe to vacant apartments by giving us your mailadress and thereby find out what's available right now.

Why am I not in the queue anymore?

This may be due to different reasons, one may be that you did not update your profile within three months, another that you did not respond yes or no to the offers you received.

How do I update may place in the queue?

By logging in to My Pages at least once every three months with your personal number and password. You can also call us at 0476-554 20 and we will help you.

Do I get a reminder so I do not forget to update me?

Yes you may. It is sent twice. The first time two weeks before the time runs out and the other one week before.

I've been waiting for a long time without getting an apartment, why does it take so long time?

Sometimes demand is greater than the availability of available apartments. This means that we can not immediately assist all applicants with a new apartment.

How long can I stand in queue?

You can stand in our queue for as long as you want. However, you must update your registration through My Pages at least once every thrird month.

Why does some apartments has a short date for moving in?

The apartment may have been under renovation or has a short notice period due to for example death.

Can I get offer for several apartments at the same time?

Yes, if you have notified interest and have enough points, you can be offered a view on more than one apartment.

How many people are before me in the queue?

ÄBO has a general queue and when you register at an apartment, the apartment has its own queue based on which one who is interested.  How long the queue is is varying and depends on how many people are looking for the current apartment.

I have forgotten my password?

Enter the "My Pages" tab and click on "Forgot Password" If you have an email address, we will send a link where you can reset your password. If you do not have an email, we will send the link by mail.

How many apartment can I make interest for?

You can show interest in three apartments at a time.

What does the service mean to subscribe?

If you have entered your email when you registered, you can be notified by email about when an apartment is available that meets your requirements.

How does Älmhultsbostäder choose who gets an apartment?

The one who has been in the queue and who meets the basic requirements of our rental policy is the one who gets the current apartment. We do not make our own selection without following our rental policy.

When will I know if I have received the apartment I have applied?

When you receive a offer to go and see an apartment, there is a date when we last want your answer, yes or no. Earliest day after this date, we begin to treat the apartment and this may take 1-3 working days. As soon as we know who get so go to a veiwing, you will receive an email / letter or a phone call with a message. We send offers to three applicants at a time.

Can I give my points to another applicant?

Your points are personal and can not be given to or added together with any other applicant.

Can I say no to a viewing?

Yes, you can say no, important to keep in mind to answer no on the offer via our website or call us at 0476-554 20. Do you not do this three times you lose your points and the place in the queue.

I need an apartment quickly, can I get ahead?


How do I make report of an error?

You can make a report through  our Homepage / "My Pages",  alternatively , call us 

at 0476-554 20 Mon-Fri 08: 00-12: 00. You can also send an e-mail to abo@almhult.se.

Why am i not in the queue anymore?

This may be due to different reasons, one may be that you did not update your profile within three months, another that you did not respond yes or no to the offers you received.

How do I update my place in the queue?

By logging in to My Pages at least once every three months with your personal number and password. You can also call us at 0476-554 20 and we will help you.

I have forgotten my password?

Go to the tab "My Pages" and click on "forgotten password", if you have an e-mail address, a link will be sent where you can reset your password. It is also possible to log in with Bank-Id, then you do not need a password.

Where do I throw bulky waste like a broken sofa, for example?

There is a recycling center at Äskya in Älmhult. If you do not have access to a car or a trailer, our workshop on Baldersgatan 30 is open between 7-16. There are various containers for this. Welcome there!

Do you wish to leave a notice?

If you wish to leave a notice of your apartment, you have the opportunity to log in via My pages to make a notice, or alternatively email us or pay a visit to our office for signature. A termination must always be in writing and it is important that you receive a confirmation from us for the termination to be approved.


It is always 3 (three) calender months notice period. 

In and out moving
Is it an inspection before I move in?

We always do a final inspection before a new tenant. There we approve cleaning and look at the condition of the apartment. Keys are then returned to the office where a new tenant retrieves his keys.

How to change my address?

When moving, you must make a transfer notification to the Swedish Tax Agency (https://skatteverket.se/flytta) so that you get the correct registration address. Make your registration in advance or no later than one week after the move. The Tax Agency spreads your new address to all authorities and also to many companies. If you want to have your mail sent forward from your last address, you can order it at Swedish address change (www.adressandring.se).

You who live in an apartment must be registered in the apartment. The apartment number is part of your address and consists of four digits that show on which floor and where on the floor the apartment is located. You can find your apartment number in your contract or on your mailbox or front door.

If you are a resident or rent an apartment in the second place, do not specify c / o in your transfer notification. You should make sure that your name is on the door or on the postbox in the entrance if there is one.

Contract issues
What is my apartment-number?

When you make a move notification, you need to fill in your apartment number. The number is on your contract and is four digits. For example, 1001.

What happens if it is a fire in my apartment?

· If it is a fire in an apartment and it is not possible to extinguish the fire, tenants have to get out. Then the door to the room where it burns will be closed and also close the apartment door on the way out.


· If the fire has started in another apartment, the tenant will remain in his own apartment with a closed door. Each apartment is its own fire cell, which will handle fire for at least 60 minutes. The following applies:


1. Do not open the apartment door to check the smoke in the stairwell.


2. Go to the balcony or to a window and call for help.


3. Call 112 if available.


4. Wait for help from the rescue service.


5. Never use the elevator for evacuation.


In case of fire in a apartment house, the owner of the property owns the right to terminate the contract with existing tenants.


Regardless of the disaster, the tenants themselves must contact their insurance company to arrange a new or temporary accommodation.

Can I pay the rent by autogiro?

Yes, a form for this is available at the office.

Can I pay my rent with e-invoice?

Yes. You are turning to your bank to get access to e-bank and thus e-invoice.

I can´t find my invoice, what do I do?
What if I fail to pay the rent?
New Project Bl. Haganäs
How do I get in que for the new block Haganäs?

You register on our website in our queue. If you are already registered you can update "My Pages" by adding that you are also interested in Block Haganäs under areas.

How do I show interest in an apartment there?

All apartments that are vacant are published on our website. In logged-in mode, you can show interest in the apartment (s) you are interested in.

When will the apartments be ready to move in to?

In the first stage 1st of May 2020, second stage 1st of September 2020. 

How many rooms will there be in the apartments?

There is a mix of 1 room aparttments, 2 room apartments and 3 room apartments.

Can I get a skiss?

Absolutely! During New projects there are both drawing and a 3D tour you can look at. Contact me if you want help!

When do the new rules begin to apply?

From the 1 st of June 2018. Then Securitas will start to patrol. 

How much does one parking lot cost?

160 SEK per month. A contract will be signed for this. 

How do I pay for the questparking?

Start by downloading the "Parkster" app.


Choose parking
Keep in mind that you must start your parking at the right parking facility and for the right car. If you are on or near your current car park, you can let the app find parking space via GPS. Once you have parked in one place, it's been there since with as a quick selection on the home screen.


Parking time

You do not need to set the parking length in advance but will end the parking when you are finished. In connection with each parking opportunity, an automatic stop time is set and this is a safety feature if you forget to leave the parking lot.

If you park the car for a longer period during the weekend, a maximum fee applies. From Friday at 18:00 to Sunday 12:00, a total cost of SEK 95 is paid.


The parking guards control the Parkster system

The parking guards check that you have paid through search on their handheld computer on your car's registration number. This is the case for all cars without visible physical ticket. You do not need to mark the P-Guard to use Parkster.


Payment & Receipt
The cost of your parking is usually charged once a month from your connected payment method; Paper invoice, e-mail invoice, account or credit card. With regard to invoices, we collaborate with Billogram Billing. Receipts for individual parking opportunities are saved in your account, which you can view and print by logging in to our website www.parkster.com

How much do I pay for the visitor parking?

It costs 6 SEK / hour. Maximum cost over the weekend, Fridays from 6 pm - Sundays 12 am, it costs 95 SEK in total. Everything can be seen in the Parkster app.

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