For everyone's well-being


It is not permitted to use a barbecue with a naked flame on a balcony. However, you may use an electric barbecue, assuming your neighbours do not object, of course. This is on account of the fire risk and to ensure that everyone is happy. There is a shared barbecue in most residential areas that you can, of course, use.


Laundry room

Everyone needs to do their laundry, so the laundry room is an important place in the building. Try to keep it clean and tidy. Contact us immediately if something is not working. Tell us the number of the machine and any error code displayed. It is essential also that you respect the times booked by others and do not use the laundry room outside the bookable hours.


Wipe the floor, machines and worktops when you have finished.


Follow the operating instructions for machines, tumble dryers and other equipment.


Always use a laundry bag if you wash an underwire bra. A common cause of malfunction in washing machines is that a bra underwire has come loose and got stuck in the machine.

Älmhultsbostäder AB

Torngatan 4 C

343 31 Älmhult

Phone: 0476 - 554 20

URGENT: 0470 - 468 51


Phone hours

Mon - Fri  08.00 - 12.00


Visiting hours

Mon - Thur  13.00 - 15.00


Closed for lunch 12.00 - 13.00


Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we urge you to contact us by phone, email or booked visits.




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