img_20211103_151907.jpgYou need to rent a parkinglot if you wish to have your car parked in one of Älmhultsbostäder´s parking spaces. Then you pay 160 SEK per month and get your own place. A place marked with a specific number, example parking number 500. You know that the place is always available when you get home from work or you can stay there for a week when you go abroad without any problems.


You then contact us to sign a contract at the place that becomes yours.


You can have more than one registration number registered on the site, just have to let us know. Perhaps you have two cars or for some other reason want to change cars on the spot.


Should it be that your parking lot is busy when you get there, then call directly to Securitas at number 0771-76 70 00 and they will be bidding the wrong car. The number is placed at every parking lot. 


Important if you change a car is that you get us the new registration number. Even if you have a loan car when your regular is at the workshop or the like.


If you are visiting, there are also visitor parks in several of our areas. These cost 6 SEK per hour and are marked for this purpose. There is a maximum ceiling during weekend stays and then a lump sum of SEK 95 applies between Friday at 18:00 - Sunday at 12:00.

You download the Parkster app and follow the steps you refer. 


We also have charging stations for electric cars to offer. These are located at Eriksgatan 22 and Vattengatan 10-16. We cooperate with Mer Sweden (formerly Bee) and offer charging at a favorable price. It is possible to rent your own place or use the public places for charging up to 5 h / occasion. Let us know if you have any thoughts about this!

Älmhultsbostäder AB

Torngatan 4 C

343 31 Älmhult

Phone: 0476 - 554 20

URGENT: 0470 - 468 51


Phone hours

Mon - Fri  08.00 - 12.00


Visiting hours

Mon - Thur  13.00 - 15.00


Closed for lunch 12.00 - 13.00


Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we urge you to contact us by phone, email or booked visits.




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