Pet owner

Remember that some people are afraid of dogs off leads. Even if a dog is not dangerous and does not bite, accidents can still happen. People with heart problems may suffer or children may run out into traffic if they are frightened by a playful dog.


You should also have respect for people keeping their distance because they are allergic to dogs and cats.


Never leave your dog unsupervised for a whole day. Dogs that are unused to being alone may howl or bark and disturb neighbours who need peace and quiet.


In the area

One thing that people find most irritating about dogs in a residential area is when they foul and urinate in places where they do not live. It is unpleasant to step in dog waste and if dogs foul in sandpits or playgrounds, it can be dangerous for children's health.

Always carry a bag with you so you can clean up after your dog or cat when you go for a walk.


Laws & rules

What the law says:

'Dogs and cats must be supervised to the extent necessary, given their nature and other circumstances, to prevent them from causing damage or considerable inconvenience.'


What the law says about cats:

'A cat that may reasonably be assumed to be abandoned or feral may be killed by a person with hunting rights or their representative. However, permission is required from the police within a densely built-up area.'


If a pet owner fails to comply with the rules, you should first talk to the pet owner, contact the landlord or contact the municipal health care office.

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