Pool and trampoline

Communal land - land between buildings

It is not permitted to install a pool or trampoline on communal land. Älmhultsbostäder is unable to supervise them to ensure they are used safely or correctly and is therefore unable to take responsibility for this.


Own rented land (plot or outdoor area)

If you rent a home with its own plot of land, a garden flat, and want to install a trampoline or pool, you assume full responsibility. You must therefore ensure that no children or unauthorised persons can use it without supervision.


Special rules about pools

A paddling pool with a maximum water depth of 20 cm does not require special protection. Pools deeper than 20 cm on developed land must have protection against accidents involving children:

A fence at least 0.9 m high around the pool. Children must not be able to open the gate.

The pool must have a protective cover such as a tarpaulin or mesh when not in use.

As the owner of a pool, you are legally liable to ensure that no accidents occur.


Remember also:

When you drain the pool, you must ensure that the water does not damage the property. You are personally liable to pay compensation for any damage that occurs.

Be considerate. Ensure that your neighbours are not disturbed by play equipment, bathers, etc.

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