Termination of lease and moving

If you have found a new home, are moving away from Älmhult or simply have to terminate your tenancy for other reasons, you must always give us 3 months' notice. The notice period starts at the start of the next month after you have signed or emailed notice of termination to us at the office.


We always need to have notice of termination in writing. It is important to keep the confirmation you receive from us.


Termination form in English


When moving, you must make a transfer notification to the Swedish Tax Agency (https://skatteverket.se/flytta) so that you get the correct registration address. Make your registration in advance or no later than one week after the move. The Tax Agency spreads your new address to all authorities and also to many companies. If you want to have your mail sent forward to you from your last address, you can order it at Swedish address change (www.adressandring.se).

You who live in an apartment must be registered in the apartment. The apartment number is part of your address and consists of four digits that show on which floor and where on the floor the apartment is located. You can find your apartment number in your contract or on your mailbox or front door.

If you are a resident or rent an apartment in the second place, do not specify c / o in your transfer notification. You should make sure that your name is on the door or on the postbox in the entrance if there is one.

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