The temperature in your apartment

Älmhultsbostäder strives to deliver between 20 and 21 degrees in the apartments during the winter season. The lower limit of 20 degrees is chosen on the basis of the Public Health Agency's general advice on indoor temperatures and the upper limit has been chosen for environmental reasons.


Tips for good indoor temperature
If the thermometer shows 20 degrees or more, the temperature in your apartment is correct. If you still feel cold, even if you get dressed, follow our tips.

Place furniture a piece away from the elements and avoid curtains that hang over them. Around the elements, the air must be able to move freely so that the heat is spread to the rest of the apartment.
Weigh quickly when it's cold outside, max five minutes. Otherwise, the temperature in your apartment may drop.
Only use the cooker hood when cooking. If the fan is on unnecessarily, the heat is extracted from the apartment and replaced with cold air that cools the apartment.
Clean valves. In some houses there are visible supply air valves. They can sit by the window or inside the apartment. Fresh air enters the supply air valves. Do not twist them and do not clog them.

Is it still cold?
If you feel cold, even though you follow the guidelines above, you can measure the temperature. Measure in the middle of the room at a height of one meter from the floor. Shows the temperature below 20 degrees for several days in a row, please feel free to contact us.

Log in to My Pages and make an error or call us at 0476-554 20. Then a property attendant will come home to you and investigate what's wrong.

Keep in mind that cold elements do not need to mean there is something wrong. When the temperature in the apartment is 20 degrees or more, the elements become cold.


Environmental impact
For each degree we increase the temperature in the apartments, energy consumption increases by 5 percent and it contributes to negative climate impact.


Reference sensor

In many of our apartments there is a reference sensor that is connected to the heating system. You must not cause any damage or disturbance to these. We then notice this in our system and you become liable for payment.


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Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we urge you to contact us by phone, email or booked visits.




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