Fiber and TV connection

Älmhults center: Fiber connection from Telenor. Standard range for TV included. The speed 0.5 mBit / s is included. From February 2021, there will be an open network in terms of fiber connection and this through the Open Universe. For more information and what you can choose from, you can find at alternatively by phone 0770-82 55 55. Information sheet from Open Universe via this link.

Block Maskrosen: Fiber connection through Telia.
Registration is made to Telia customer service, tel 90 200, More info at Telia. Standard range for TV included.


Block Vången, Kvarnen & Haganäs: Open fiber network. Contact Zmarket to select a company. A fee is charged from the operator you choose and from Elmnet.
(You can connect a network cable to the fiber socket on site and surf to to choose from a large number of suppliers)


Block Diö: The properties in our outer areas have a central antenna. In some of these, the Boxer digital box for terrestrial broadcasting can be connected

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