Paying your rent

Paying your rent

Your rent must be paid no later than on the last working day before the start of each calendar month to bank giro account no. 317-2327. For example, this means that the rent for January must be paid no later than the end of December. It is only human to miss rent payments on occasion, but if it happens several times, you risk losing your home.


If you have no rent notice

You are always under an obligation to pay your rent, whether you have received a rent notice or not.

If you have no rent notice, you can log in to 'Mina sidor' to find the OCR number. You can also call us or visit us in the office. Our phone number is 047655420.


There are three ways of paying your rent. Choose the one that suits you best.


Direct debit

Paying your rent by direct debit is the smart way to keep track of invoices and due dates.

If you decide to pay by direct debit, we take the rent payment on the last day of every month. All you need to do is ensure that there is enough money in the account on the day before the due date.

You can register for direct debit using your online banking service or you can come to our office to fill in a form, giving us consent to take the money from your account.

Notice of payment is given only when the amount changes.

You can also choose both direct debit and e-invoice if you want to be able to see your invoice.


E-invoice - electronically via your bank

If you have online banking, you can choose to pay your rent via e-invoices. Register for e-invoices in your online banking service.


Paper invoices

Your invoices are sent to your home. Every quarter we send notices for three months. For example, in mid-December you are sent the notices for January, February and March.

Always state the correct OCR number when making payment. Check the invoice to be sure.


What happens if I don't pay on time?

Anyone who fails to pay their rent receives a debt collection demand from Intrum Justitia. Tenants also have to pay a collection charge, currently SEK 180. The rent is also subject to penalty interest, as specified by the Swedish Interest Act. If payment is not made, the matter may be forwarded to the Swedish Enforcement Authority for an order to pay. Tenants risk being evicted from their home or premises and having a record of non-payment registered against them.

The legal procedure of the order to pay, summons and eviction will now also be managed by Intrum Justitia. The administration costs are also governed by law and are charged to tenants. If you receive a debt collection demand and have questions about the balance, you need to contact Intrum Justitia.

You can call Intrum Justitia on: 08-616 77 20

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